Dear Valued Friends of Seminars International,

During this unprecedented time, we at Seminars International continue to hold in our thoughts and prayers the hundreds of thousands of people affected by COVID-19 around the globe. Our organization, too, has been affected by the pandemic, yet we remain committed to the future of international educational group travel. We are confident this difficulty will pass. We are confident the need and desire to experience other cultures and countries will resume. And we are hopeful the pandemic will reinforce the knowledge that all around the world we are in this together--and that educational travel will be more important than ever to ensure a healthy and safe future.

For the next few months, because of COVID-19 disruption to travel, Seminars International will reduce our work force starting April 1, 2020. With a smaller and more focused team, we continue to work diligently to plan 2021 and 2022 programs.

Please continue to reach out to us. We will look forward to hearing from you and will respond as soon as we can.

See, Do, Learn with Seminars International...

For over fifty years and on all seven continents, we have enabled Education, Performing Arts, Faith-based and Special Interest groups to “SEE” the world.
Our professional staff is passionate about offering personalized service, customized programs and seamless travel logistics so that groups can just “DO” their international travel experience.
Our mission is to empower Faculty Directors and Group Leaders permitting them to focus on their own goals and to help participants “LEARN”.
We offer a customized international experience to every group, every time we partner. We are The Educational Travel Architects.

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In 2018, SI celebrates 50 years of coordinating educational travel!

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Seminars International offers tools and resources to help international program directors and group travel leaders create
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Support and details for your international program including your personalized
itinerary, health and safety tips, payments, FAQ’s and helpful travel links.

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