In 1968, George St. Angelo, founded Seminars International, with the vision to use experiential travel as a tool for academic excellence.  His creativity toward purposeful international group travel, commitment to intercultural education, social justice and professionalism built our organizational foundation.

Seminars International is an educational group travel consulting organization serving the worldwide programming needs of educational, faith-based, performing arts and special interest groups. Our primary clients are colleges and universities who use short-term study abroad for cultural and educational exploration.  Over the past four decades, Seminars International has consulted with hundreds of colleges and universities, both large and small, and has managed arrangements for over 30,000 students in their study abroad experience.

Seminars International's focus is on custom group travel design. Our passion is working with program planners, partnering with them to meet their pedagogical goals through experiential intercultural learning. Our success has resulted in a 99% repeat rate of all of our program coordinators.

What makes Seminars International, unique:

• Every program is individually created, not picked from a pre-packaged menu.
• We have arranged programs in all Seven Continents.
• As a consultant, we also assume the role as an extension of your staff, to be the one source for cost analysis, logistic arrangements, contract negotiation, provider payments and risk management.
• Our first hand destination knowledge is derived from our strong international contacts available through our worldwide partner network.
• 24/7 on call support while traveling abroad.

About Us

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Staff Bios
Meet our Seminars International professionals who make up the  “Educational Travel Architects” team.

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