Custom Design, Pre-Departure, While You Are Abroad and Program Evaluation Services 


Custom Design

  • • Highly experienced Seminars International staff will individually help you craft a customized international experience to meet your program goals while keeping an eye on the cost/benefit equation.
  • • Design Services include: understanding your program objectives, addressing any risk management issues in the countries to be visited, planning your itinerary, arranging all services including air, accommodation and meals, land transportation, guide services, entrances, performance tickets, cultural exchange opportunities and Community Based Learning opportunities.





  • • We provide you assistance with promotional materials such as web materials, brochures, flyers and a very detailed binder with travel arrangements for the group leader.
  • • A Seminars International operations coordinator is assigned as your group point person for all arrangement updates, changes and confirmations until your return.
  • • Pre-Departure Services include: incorporating required program modifications, enrollment assistance, registration with US Embassies, visa processing, payment processing, travel packets for all participants, a very detailed Travel Arrangements Binder for the Group Leader.


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While You Are Abroad

  • • Our in-country international partners as well as our Chicago-based staff are available 24/7 while you are abroad to address any emergencies that may arise.
  • • Our While You Are Abroad services include:  24/7 emergency contact  phone numbers, medical emergency assistance where logistical support is required, risk management and multi-point triage in the case of emergency,  management of program changes required due to unexpected events (e.g. strikes, weather related, civil unrest) and pro-active contact to make sure all is well with the group.


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Program Evaluation

  • • Upon your return we will discuss with you your international course experience to determine whether the services provided allowed you to meet your objectives.
  • • Evaluation services include: air arrangements, accommodations, meals, transportation, guides, problem solving, quality of materials provided, and comments on the staff you worked with during the program.